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Construction Services

We work collaboratively with owners and clients in both primary and sub-consultant roles.

Representing the interest of our clients by working along side their key employees. We take responsibility for daily reports, checking submittals, managing relationships between the owner, architect, engineers, contractor and stakeholders.Answering the difficult questions and working as the liaison between clients and contractors.

Project Engineering (Non- PE)

 Monitoring  and documenting site conditions, assisting with trade coordination,  and documenting construction progress. Progress photos, onsite M/WBE compliance, monitoring field staff, reporting deficiencies, monitoring warranty and punch list items. Your trusted, on-site, eyes on the project.

Construction Inspection

We create and administer contracts and negotiations between owners and contractors. MWBE monitors contract requirements, progress and payments and monthly reporting. We ensure appropriate actions are taken to remedy deficiencies and reduce delays to project progress.

Contract Administration 

MWBE is committed to assisting our clients in diversity management by developing and implementing diversity programs which reduce the barriers of contract participation for small and diverse businesses. We assess the current diversity programs and goals to provide recommendations on improvements, which positively impacts project performance and builds community.

Diversity Management 

We Provide Solutions 

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