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Meet MWBE Constructors, Inc.

MWBE Constructors, Inc. epitomizes excellence in project management and business transformation, marking its prominence as a distinguished Minority Woman-Owned enterprise. Since its inception in 2010, it has transcended the role of a full-service General Contractor to emerge as a strategic ally for businesses, excelling in Owner Representation, Business Transformation, Strategy Development, and comprehensive roadmap creation. Their vast services span beyond conventional project management to embrace Portfolio, Program, and Project Management, enriched with personalized coaching and advisory services to meet the unique demands of each client.


Boasting over 25 years of collective expertise, the team at MWBE Constructors is adept at offering authoritative advice across a diverse range of services, including Construction Management, Grant and Contract Administration, Document Control, Diversity Consulting, and MWBE Utilization Planning. Their acumen in Inspection Services and Business Development significantly amplifies their capacity to serve their clientele effectively.


MWBE Constructors is committed to integrating seamlessly with clients' teams, providing insightful strategies and ensuring project success without necessitating additional hires or training, thereby guaranteeing projects' completion on time and within budget. As a trusted advisor with a history of managing substantial contracts, they stand ready to offer strategic guidance through the complexities of today’s business landscape, leveraging their extensive experience as General Contractors to navigate the industry's challenges and opportunities.


Proudly certified through New York State and the Small Business Association as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE), and Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), MWBE Constructors is dedicated to promoting diversity and excellence. This dedication not only positions them as industry leaders but also as your ideal partner, poised to revolutionize your business strategies and project management with unmatched expertise and commitment.

We provide a full range of Construction and Management services. 

At the helm of MWBE Constructors Inc. stands Talia Johnson-Huff, a dynamic Chief Executive Officer with a multifaceted career spanning over 15 years in construction and business consulting. Talia's educational foundation is anchored in Principles of Construction Management from the University at Buffalo School of Management, enhancing her proficiency in accounting, managerial law, and strategic business operations. Talia orchestrates a symphony of strategic project management, construction oversight, and transformative business consulting, driving MWBE Constructors, Inc. to the forefront of industry innovation and inclusivity. Her profound expertise in urban planning, real estate development, and economic enhancement interlaces with a passionate commitment to community outreach, fostering not just growth but transformation within businesses and the wider community. Johnson-Huff’s adeptness in navigating the intricate maze of modern construction projects, her strategic vision for business development, and her unwavering dedication to operational excellence set her apart as a visionary leader. Her initiatives not only aim at project success but are also deeply imbued with a commitment to safety, diversity, and the empowerment of minority and women-owned businesses. With a background that spans over 15 years in the industry, complemented by certifications and accolades that speak to her commitment to excellence and safety, Johnson-Huff’s leadership at MWBE Constructors, Inc. is a beacon of innovation, strategic growth, and community-centric development, making her an exemplary figure in tackling the multifaceted challenges of today’s business and construction landscapes.

Talia Johnson- Huff


Our Leadership

Our Executive Team

Lanise Spencer

Chief Financial Officer

Lenny Johnson

Inspection/Training Director (Consultant)

Christopher Huff

Project Director

At MWBE Constructors, Inc., we are our team. Our atmosphere is inclusive and growth oriented. Each member of our team is diversely skilled and provide excellent service to our clients. Because we take a "Boots on the ground" approach to all of our projects, our clients, and their teams, know us in and out of the office. 

MWBE Constructors, Inc. was started by our President and CEO, Talia Johnson- Huff in 2010. What started as a small venture with an idea to assist seniors and single women with the difficult process of hiring contractors to complete their work, turned into a multi-disciplinary company. After many years working within her father's company wearing every hat, Mrs. Johnson- Huff utilized her skills in the Business and Construction field to grow a team by employing those in her community who were formerly incarcerated and in need of rehabilitation. She began by teaching each person a new skill set and providing them a second chance. MWBE Constructors, Inc. grew from a four figure company into a seven figure company within a year. Self performing demolition, finish carpentry and construction site cleaning, MWBE has worked on projects at Erie County Medical center, SUNY Schools, Erie County Holding Center and Buffalo Public Schools, just to name a few. During Covid, MWBE underwent a strategic shift and landed in the Construction and Business Management arena. We are looking forward to building meaningful partnerships with our counterparts to better service our customers. 

Our Story

MWBE values our clients and strategic partners. We realize that our core values define our character and we are constantly probing for more ways to assist our valued clients. Collaboration is the key to MWBE's success and we appreciate every opportunity to collaborate. 

What We Value

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